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Smart Office

Smart Office

The digital transformation is making the classic workplace less static - no longer just in corporations, but now also in medium-sized businesses. Flexible workplace concepts are gaining in importance. Less office space is used by a larger number of employees in rotation. "Desk sharing" is becoming part of everyday life.

Changing users

An infrastructure is required that enables a clean work process for the constantly changing audience. In addition to notebooks, writing materials, folders or tools, employees' personal belongings should also be immediately available when needed. In modern office landscapes, employee lockers are therefore becoming increasingly important, because the requirements of flexible workplace concepts cannot possibly be realised with mechanical locking systems.

Intelligent lockers

More and more workplace landscapes are therefore being implemented with electronic locking systems with code and RFID technology. They have the decisive advantage that changing users require less administrative effort. Authorisations are simply reassigned. Lost locking media do not force the locks to be replaced. A forgotten code or the loss of an RFID chip no longer matters.

Real-time networking

Networked electronic locking systems that can be managed "online" make this easier. Networked locking systems show the locking status and allow authorisations to be issued remotely. In addition, a sensor periphery can be integrated that makes it possible to report break-in attempts at an early stage.

Tangible reasons for flexible security

Whether in lockers, valuables compartments or issue terminals - the locks of several facilities, departments or locations can be monitored and controlled via an encrypted online platform. BURG offers solutions both with cables, which are characterised by the lowest maintenance costs, and battery-operated systems, which enable simple retrofitting. No matter which solution you choose - they all have these advantages in common:

Central management

Reduce staff costs by managing your entire locking system landscape in the cloud.


B-on-air allows easy retrofitting without having to tear up walls and lay cables.


The live messages provide you with an overview of the status, operation and utilisation of your system at all times, even when mobile.

Information about availability

Inform users about available subjects and reduce the time spent searching.


The logging of the opening and closing processes enables you to obtain statistics on usage behaviour.


The wireless networking of the locking systems enables permanent updates.

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