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Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers

Changing areas - whether in staff areas of companies, swimming pools or other sports facilities - have long been severely neglected in renovation or refurbishment plans. Recently, however, there has been a significant rethink, as these areas are a considerable feel-good factor for staff, users or guests, who place increased value on bright, friendly, clean and modern changing facilities. And on secure storage facilities for personal belongings and valuables. This is where we come in.

Quality makes the difference

You don't like to let your keys, wallet or other personal items out of your sight. However, there is often no other way to do this during sports or at work, as you cannot carry them with you in certain situations. If you then put them under lock and key in a strange environment, you often have an uneasy feeling, especially when you look at some locks up close. Smart locking systems with a metal casing make the difference here.

Simplifies daily life

Operators of changing facilities who use electronic and networked locking systems from BURG can not only guarantee their users maximum security, but also save significantly on personnel costs. This is because BURG locks are highly resistant to vandalism or attempted break-ins and can also be managed centrally. This means that manual key issues, lost keys or physical emergency openings are a thing of the past.

Retrofitting in existing systems

As the networked locking systems from BURG are mostly wireless, with a proven energy supply and a cloud connection, the retrofitting of existing locker systems is possible without almost any restrictions. This allows an operator to modernise his locker room with low investment costs and significantly increase the feeling of security. The locks of several areas, floors or locations can be monitored and controlled in real time via an encrypted online platform. The occupancy is clearly displayed. Lockers can be locked, unlocked or reassigned. This saves time and money!

Your solution

BURG offers a system solution that goes beyond the locker room landscape: starting with access control, RFID access control points, the turnstile, the integration of beverage and snack vending machines and matching table readers. Close cooperation between our development department and leading software providers ensures compatibility and simplifies integration into existing systems. You benefit from a well-coordinated team. Get in touch with us.

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