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Development: Together on an expedition

Do you know this? In your field you move routinely and safely, but there is so much more out there to discover. Unknown terrain, with new perspectives and possibilities.

Your company's field of activity is a map on which you know every nook and cranny down to the smallest detail, visions you have turned over single-handedly like large stones. But you are aware: beyond the borders lies a land that wants to be explored. It will certainly be worthwhile to enter this uncharted territory. But which path should you take, which language should you speak?

BURG is the expedition guide at your side. Together with us, you will tread new paths.
No matter whether you already have a concrete idea, want to bring innovation into an existing product or start from scratch. Our experts are map-sketchers, position-fixers, travel guides and reliable travel partners for you.

Sketch a Route

Where the standard is not enough, we develop completely new ideas for your individual solution together in creative innovation workshops. Of course, our team always has insights into current trends and valuable input on applicable technologies.


BURG is your compass and guide, e.g. to revise existing product series or to accompany a new product launch with innovative approaches.

Assembling Equipment

Sometimes parts of the right equipment are missing, such as the development of a specification sheet, POC / feasibility studies, detail development, series readiness or SOP. Our team always puts together exactly the right equipment for you. That's how we get there successfully together.

Where do you want to go?

Our backpack is bulging with ideas, broad expertise, decades of experience and a wide range of technical possibilities - including state-of-the-art development work for innovative electronic locking systems for the new networked world, such as app, software and cloud solutions.

Together we can go down different paths:

1. Complete development including industrialisation

BURG takes over all phases of development and subsequent production, including all tools, moulds and possible certification steps.

2. Pure product development according to specifications

We take over the development of the product for you according to a defined specification sheet, until it is ready for series production. Production can take place on your premises.

3. Support for your in-house development

Benefit from BURG know-how, our proven process and project management for your in-house development process.

No matter which path you take: Experienced expedition leaders ensure with know-how and a proven development process that your trip is a complete success. New perspectives, languages and visions become your individual itinerary. Let's go on a voyage of discovery together.

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