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Conexo - the future-proof smart lock system

With the revolutionary Conexo smart locker solution, we offer a completely new way to simplify your everyday life.

Developed as a central solution for your locker management, Conexo is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios in indoor and outdoor areas. Our intelligent locker system is flexible and expandable as well as extremely user-friendly and low-maintenance.

The combination of advanced hardware and modern IoT software makes the Conexo a smart solution that optimizes your processes and creates future-proof workflows.

The Conexo offers the freedom to design processes according to your individual needs. It easily adapts to your situation and application scenarios and integrates perfectly into your environment - simply, seamlessly and intuitively.

From changing room landscapes, workshops, office landscapes and educational facilities to residential complexes, shopping centers and parcel stations - use the innovative locker solution for a wide range of applications, such as storage, parcel services or Click & Collect.

The future of comfort waits with smart technology and unlimited possibilities! Ready to revolutionize your everyday life?

Use Cases

1. Smart office

The solution for smart office areas and desk-sharing concepts. Optimize your processes and simplify the workflow in your office setup. Permanently assigned or shared lockers, permanent or limited use - design your efficient workplace of the future with the Conexo.

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2. Employee locker

Provide secure storage for personal items in your locker rooms - whether in staff areas, swimming pools or other facilities. Configure the locker system according to your needs for maximum flexibility.

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3. IT service point

The IT service point is the central contact point for services in intralogistics. Sit back and relax while devices are securely stored and issued - around the clock. You can also benefit from functions such as usage logs and automated notifications.

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4. Material issue

Issue company resources and work materials such as tools, packaging, cleaning utensils and much more to authorized persons in a secure and structured manner. Our Smart Locker system allows you to maintain an overview and track and control the automated issue of materials.

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5. Click & Collect

Offer maximum flexibility at your pick-up and return station. Regardless of opening hours, products ordered online can be collected conveniently and easily around the clock. Whether for indoor or outdoor areas, free-standing or integrated systems - we have the right solution for your environment.

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6. Internal mail

Internal mail distribution, product distribution, parcel receipt and dispatch - the intelligent Conexo locker system enables efficient and cost-effective processing. It offers secure and time-independent handover, especially in times of home office and desk sharing.

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7. Smart city

With the smart locker solution Conexo, you can realize your ideas of tomorrow: charging stations for e-bikes and smartphones, parcel or rental stations. Create secure and networked storage locations with integrated charging and online payment functions with well-structured documentation.

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8. Visitor locker

Offer your visitors the opportunity to store personal items such as laptops, clothing or suitcases flexibly and securely. The modern Smart Locker system is user-friendly and also offers the option of tracking locker assignments and identifying free lockers.

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9. Special solutions

Do you already have a specific idea? No problem. The Conexo Smart Locker system offers the freedom and flexibility to map completely individual applications. It is also modular and expandable and adapts to your needs. Let's talk about your ideas.

Powerful arguments

Maximum flexibility

The Conexo is the solution for a wide range of use cases. Changing room lockers, employee lockers, in-house mail lockers, material issue lockers, IT service points and "Click&Collect" solutions. The Smart Locker system is already being used successfully in these and many other areas.

Easy to use

Operation of the Conexo system is diverse and customizable. Whether by RFID, QR code, fingerprint, barcode or PIN - Conexo offers full control over access, set quickly and efficiently via an intuitive on-screen terminal or conveniently via smartphone.

Permanently available

Thanks to the permanent power supply, the Conexo is always ready for use and offers the freedom to open compartments and secure objects at any time. The high-quality manufacturing also promises reliable protection against splash water and a long service life.

Versatile interfaces

Our flexible system can not only be seamlessly integrated into any type of locker, door or cabinet. Thanks to various data interfaces, it can also be easily integrated into existing building systems, including room booking systems.

Customized solutions

By combining our technologies, we develop customized IoT applications that are precisely adapted to your needs. From conception to implementation, we offer a complete solution that includes cloud-based locker management and mobile access.

Strong partners

We work closely with strong partners to ensure smooth implementation from the initial idea to the roll-out of the finished system. With our expertise and innovative ideas, we deliver smart storage solutions that meet the requirements of the modern world.

Together towards your smart locker solution

Together we will go all the way from your idea to the finished system. Would you like to plan and realize your project with us? Get in touch with us!

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