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Smart Home

Smart Home

Imagine a home that enhances your quality of life and living. This home notices when the residents are present. It independently adjusts lighting, climate and fresh air to your needs. The front door unlocks when you are standing in front of the house with full bags after shopping. Your garage senses that it should open when you arrive by car. Windows and doors lock when you leave the house. A smartly connected home gives its residents a sense of security in addition to saving time and reducing energy costs. That's smart living!

Security plays a central role in the smart home. House and apartment doors, windows, terrace accesses, but also the mailbox and the parcel box are part of an intelligent security landscape within the scope of your building control. Authorizations can be assigned centrally, so that it is precisely regulated who is to have access and when. If the occupants are not present, windows and doors are locked and the alarm system is activated.

For many established manufacturers of hardware and building technology, the smart home represents a generational leap. The addition of digital functions to analog products presents companies with new challenges. Whereas in the past the main focus was on quality, design and ease of installation, it is now also important to integrate IT interfaces into the products and make them usable for third-party providers. The integration of digital assistants such as Alexa and Apple HomeKit is playing an increasingly important role. This is where we come in. At BURG, you get development, manufacturing, assembly and service from a single source. Our expertise as a manufacturer of proven hardware has made us well-known. We have now been implementing electromechanical solutions for 25 years and software has been added as a building block. We accompany the entire process - from A like app development to Z like approval.

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