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The CAVO is a locking system that does not want to be put into any category. It is intelligent, unique and versatile. The networked system offers customers the flexibility to opt for operation with RFID, PIN code or a mobile phone. Lockers can therefore be operated directly at the locker or centrally at a screen terminal.

Architects love the system because it can be installed completely invisibly from the outside. The fronts can remain "clean", without visible knobs or handles. Project developers and operators love the system because no batteries are used and the wired networking also results in the lowest maintenance costs in the long term. Administration is done via the online dashboard (locker management system). Software solution providers love the system because the integrated API allows seamless connection to their software and app solutions, such as a neighbourhood app. Providers of charging stations love the system because the integrated USB port allows for secure charging of smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

A sophisticated mechatronic design allows the locker door to be opened in different ways, so that the door is unlocked by itself (pop-open) or by a push from the outside (push-to-open). Each lock comes with an integrated light that provides users with additional illumination of the locker when the door is open. So we are sure: you will love the system too!

If you want to use the system with an RFID medium, then you have a wide choice of available standards. In addition, the furniture lock can be equipped with the LEGIC SM-6300 security module, which works with RFID, Bluetooth® and Secure Element. The terminal then supports all globally relevant smartcard standards such as LEGIC® advant and prime, MIFARE® and HID iCLASS®.


  • modular, expandable and interchangeable
  • convenient operation
  • can be used in doors made of wood, HPL and steel
  • various options for opening lockers ("pop-open" and "push-to-open")
  • central and comprehensive locker management through online dashboard
  • clear design of the components
  • integrated USB port for charging function
  • LED lighting in the compartment
  • not visible on the door front
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