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Human Resources


Human Resource

Eckhard Bühne
Head of Finance and HR
+49 (0) 2335 6308-105
Silvia Schneider
HR Manager
+49 (0) 2335 6308-108
Sarah Gernhuber
HR Assistant
+49 (0) 2335 6308-601

About the team

The Human Resources department is the point of contact for all matters concerning employees and those who would like to become employees. The team provides information about vacancies and evaluates applications, including unsolicited applications. In addition, the team is the point of contact when it comes to training or dual studies at BURG. BURG offers strong training, both in administration and manufacturing. For years, pupils and students have been gaining their first experience of working life at BURG through holiday or student jobs. By the way, BURG has managers who started their careers as part-time student jobs.

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